Free .STL File Repair

We recommend you check your .Stl files for possible errors before using Online Quote. Among others, Microsoft offers a FREE Model Repair Service. You'll need to register the first time you access it.

Microsoft repair service

This is a very simple and powerful service offered by Microsoft and powered by netfabb. Using a simple 3 step process, the tool will automatically fix many common problems with 3d models. The tool supports STL, OBJ, 3MF and VRML files.
Step 1: Use the link above (Check File Now)
Step 2: Sign in to the Model Repair Service
You'll need a Microsoft account to access the site. Click the Sign In button, a pop-up window will allow you to sign in using your Microsoft account. If you don't get the login window, please check any pop-up blocker you may have and allow the pop-up window.
Step 3: Upload your file

You'll see a very simple interface after logging in. Simply click the upload button and select the file you would like to repair. The file will upload and automatically queue for repair. When the file is repaired, move on to the next step.
Step 4: Download your newly repaired file!
Click the now lit up DOWNLOAD button to download your newly repaired file. Very simple and very powerful. Remember the old adage, "Garbage in. Garbage out".

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